About firm

Today LLC «Tipografiya № 2» is one of the most modern enterprises in this branch possessing the highly skilled personnel equipped with the best equipment and having long-term experience in the market of production of the state registration signs of transport means for needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Agriculture, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and National guard.

We have capacities for production of all range of the state registration signs of vehicles  presented in GOST R 50577-93 Signs state registration, and also for needs of any foreign customer.

Имеем возможность и готовы изготавливать государственные регистрационные знаки Гостехнадзора для Аттракционов.

How we work

Direction of activity

Production of number plates

Our enterprise has received the first purchase order of the state registration signs of vehicles of day of needs of the Novosibirsk region 5/18/1998 and to 1/30/2012 being reorganized and extending, issued the state registration signs of vehicles for consumers of the Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions, Altai region, (Taymyr Autonomous Area), on preparations of various producers.

Как мы работаем