Max. productivity of a press: ~450 registration plates an hour
Power consumption: Average ~ 1,5 KW
Power supply: ~400 V, 50 Hz
Stamping force: 50 t
Stamping time: 1,3 seconds
Overall dimensions (LxVxH): 766 x 692 x 851 mm
Net weight: 380 kg
Manufacturer: UTAL sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Trademark: «UTAL»


The press of PU-400 is used in production of the state registration signs of vehicles.

Press for stamping of registration plates. Main lines it: new easier design, the small sizes, more silent and food from the socket ~ 400V. Ideal for application, both in mass production, and in points of the signs stamping smaller quantity.


The press is designed from the steel case by means of welding. In the case two hydraulic pistons which are powered by oil from the oil tank which is built in the case are built-in.


Start of the car is carried out by the main switch. First of all it is necessary to establish the corresponding working pressure on pressure regulator. In adaptation the stamping matrixes according to the set parameters into which preparation of the registration plate is inserted are placed. After introduction of a drawer (adaptation), the extreme switch starts stamping process. The end of process of stamping follows after achievement of the established pressure and all desktop falls thanks to group of exhaust springs.

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