Quantity: 98 pieces
Gross weight net: 19 kg
Manufacturer: UTAL sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Trademark: «UTAL»


Blocks of figure and letter are used in production of the state registration signs of vehicles. On special press for stamping of PU-230 and PU-400 keep within in frame for expression on Aluminium preparations of figures and letters of the serial registration number of the vehicle.


The block for expression of registration numbers is made by connection of a matrix and a stamp. The stamp and the Matrix are made of shockproof plastic. Elements are connected by springs, bolts and pegs – typical elements.


The set of blocks with a frame moves on the table attached to a working plate. Blocks have to be laid thus in a frame that didn't play for regions of the place which is specially prepared for them limited to deepening’s. Blocks can be used for stamping only of aluminum preparations without the stamped numbers 1 mm thick in quantity one piece – one stamping. Blocks of reusable use, aren't subject to regeneration, worn-out blocks need to be replaced new. The consumer has to check a condition of the used blocks systematically.

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