Productivity: ~360 registration plates an hour
Power consumption: Average ~ 0,8 KW
Power supply: ~230 V, 50 Hz
The rotating moment of a hot stamping drum: 40 Nanometers
Control of temperature: microprocessor regulator Pt100 thermal detector
Overall dimensions (LxVxH): 990 x 500 x 480 mm
Net weight: 75 kg
Manufacturer: UTAL sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Trademark: «UTAL»


The machine is intended for a single-row hot stamping (machines) of registration signs of vehicles.

The device for a fast, exact and uniform covering of the stamped font of registration tables by an eco-friendly method with use of a thermotransfer film. The machine gives the chance of a covering of the stamped signs the painting films of different colors. The entered technical solutions reduce the use of the electric power by 30%. Thanks to that the single-row UT-ECO machine is the most economic machine available in the market today.


Launch of the car is carried out by the Main Switch. After connection to a power supply system the hot stamping drum is rotated. Two other switches serve for programming of the regulator made by customer service. The correctness of hot stamping depends on the corresponding temperature of a drum. For the correct covering of tables of registration plates the film requires that surfaces of the tables intended for a hot stamping were clean, fat-free, and their temperature has to be not below 20 °C. At correctly established pressing of a drum signs of the table completely become covered and have the corresponding width, flanges of the table have uniform outlines, and during a hot stamping there is no gluing in not stamped places.

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